Health Summary Plan Description


To all participants:

The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with this Summary Plan Description (SPD) which describes the comprehensive program of Health Plan benefits available to you and your eligible dependents as of July 1, 2013. Whenever the benefits outlined in this SPD materially change, the newsletter for the Health and Pension Plans, Take 2, will be sent to you summarizing the amendment to the Plan. The SPD and Take 2 newsletters constitute the Plan Document. Please keep the Take 2 newsletters with your SPD so that you will always have current information about your Health Plan. The SPD and the Take 2 newsletters are also available on the Plan's website:

We encourage you to review this book carefully so that you are aware of all the benefits to which you are entitled as well as some important restrictions and responsibilities. Our goal has been to present and explain your benefits in language that is easy to understand. However, sometimes we must use terms that are not used in everyday conversation for legal reasons. Terms and phrases that fall into this category are either explained in the context of their sections or are listed alphabetically in the Glossary of Terms.

This SPD is not a contract and the benefits provided under the Health Plan to participants are not contractual benefits. Therefore, the benefits may be reduced, modified or discontinued by action of the Board of Trustees at any time. The Trustees do not promise to continue the benefits in full or in part in the future, and rights to future benefits are not vested or guaranteed. In particular, retirement or the completion of the requirements to receive a pension benefit under the SAG – Producers Pension Plan does not give any participant or former participant any vested right to continued benefits under the Health Plan.

The Health Plan Trustees are authorized and empowered to construe the meaning of any doubtful or ambiguous provisions of the Health Plan. Any construction adopted by the Health Plan Trustees in good faith is binding upon SAG-AFTRA, the Producers, the participants and all beneficiaries. The Health Plan Trustees are authorized and empowered to decide on a participant's entitlement to or application for benefits under the Health Plan, and any such decision of the Health Plan Trustees is final and binding upon all affected parties. The Health Plan Trustees are authorized and empowered to execute all such agreements, adopt and promulgate all such reasonable rules and regulations, take all such proceedings, exercise all such rights and privileges, and generally to do all things as are necessary in the establishment, maintenance and administration of the Health Plan.

The term SAG-AFTRA refers to the Union which entered into Collective Bargaining Agreements with Producers. These agreements provide for contributions by Producers to the Health Plan for the purpose of providing health benefits to eligible participants. SAG-AFTRA was formed on March 30, 2012 and on that date, among other things, assumed all Collective Bargaining Agreements of Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

The nature and extent of benefits provided by the Health Plan and rules governing eligibility are determined solely and exclusively by the Trustees of the Plan. Employees of the Plan Office have no authority to alter those benefits and eligibility rules. Any interpretations or opinions given by employees of the Plan Office are not binding upon the Trustees and cannot change the benefits and eligibility rules.

Please remember to keep the Plan Office informed of any change to your mailing address. This will ensure you receive all communications. You must also keep the Plan Office informed of any changes to your marital status or your dependents. If you have any questions about the Plan, please call or email the Plan Office:

(818) 954-9400 • (800) 777-4013 • email us

Board of Trustees