Health Summary Plan Description


The Screen Actors Guild – Producers Health Plan provides a comprehensive health care package to all eligible participants and their eligible dependents. In order to qualify for these benefits the participant must meet the eligibility requirements of the Health Plan and pay the applicable premium. The following sections describe the basic eligibility requirements for Health Plan coverage, the premium rates and payment rules, and the programs available if eligibility is lost. Additional eligibility rules may apply to certain benefits, such as dental benefits. These rules are described in the sections outlining those benefits.

The Health Plan does not impose a waiting period on coverage for preexisting conditions (conditions which started prior to eligibility); however it does not cover charges for treatment after eligibility terminates, even if the medical condition developed during a period of Health Plan eligibility or the treatment for that condition began during a period of Health Plan eligibility.

Note: The benefits under the Health Plan, including those for Senior Performers and their eligible dependents, are not vested or guaranteed. They may be modified, reduced or canceled at any time by the Board of Trustees.

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