Health Summary Plan Description

Life Insurance Benefits


To qualify for the life insurance benefit, you must be covered under Plan I Earned Eligibility or Senior Performer eligibility at the time of your death. The life insurance benefit is not available if you are covered under Plan II Earned Eligibility or the Self-Pay Program, nor is it available to dependents.

Life insurance coverage starts when your Earned Plan I or Senior Performers eligibility begins provided you pay the Health Plan premium. However, if a participant with Earned Eligibility dies during the period between the Base Earnings Period and the Benefit Period, the life insurance benefit will be payable (but not the accidental death and dismemberment benefit).

Life Insurance Benefit

  • Plan I Earned Eligibility

  • Senior Performer
    $ 5,000

Your life insurance benefit is payable to the beneficiary(ies) you named on the most recent Beneficiary Designation Form on file with the Plan Office.

Please call the Plan Office to request a new Performer Information Form and Beneficiary Designation Form for any changes that may affect your personal profile, or to make a change in beneficiary designation.

Funeral Expenses

Up to $500 can be reimbursed to an individual who has incurred the cost for funeral expenses on behalf of an eligible participant. However, a claim needs to be submitted prior to the payment of the life insurance. The amount of life insurance benefit payable will be reduced by the amount paid for funeral expenses. In order to receive reimbursement of funeral expenses, you must submit a copy of the itemized charges, a certified copy of the death certificate and proof of payment.

Accelerated Life Insurance Benefit

In order to provide some financial assistance to terminally ill participants, the Plan provides an accelerated life insurance provision which allows terminally ill participants to receive 80% of their life insurance benefit while still living. For the purpose of this benefit, terminally ill means that due to injury or sickness, you are expected to die within 24 months. The Plan will require a signed physician's statement that you are terminally ill.

Loss of Eligibility

When you lose Earned Eligibility under Plan I, your life insurance (but not the accidental death and dismemberment benefit) will remain in effect for 31 days following the date you lose Earned Eligibility. You can convert your life insurance (but not the accidental death and dismemberment benefit) to an individual policy during that 31-day period without undergoing a medical examination. You may convert $5,000 if you are losing Plan I Earned Eligibility and gaining Senior Performers eligibility. You may convert $2,000 if you have received an accelerated life insurance payment. Otherwise you may convert $10,000.

If you are totally disabled, at the time of loss of Earned Eligibility, and you are under age 65, your life insurance can remain in effect on a nonpayment of premium basis. For the purpose of this section, totally disabled means that due to an accidental bodily injury or sickness:

  • You are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation; and
  • You are unable to perform any occupation for which you are fit by education, training or experience.

Benefits will be payable upon your death if you were totally disabled for at least nine months. You must apply for a waiver of premium with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company within 12 months from the date your Earned Eligibility ends. You will be required to provide proof of continued disability each year. Contact the Plan Office for information and forms.