Health Summary Plan Description

The Performer Information Form

The Health Plan requires you to complete a Performer Information Form. This form is a confidential legal document containing the participant's signature. It provides basic demographic information which allows us to process your claims once you enroll in the Plan.

Once the Plan has your basic information you can log in to our secure website at to make changes to your information, such as changes to your address, enrolling qualified dependents and paying your premium. You also gain access to your personal information, including claims status, earnings, eligibility and pension information.

You may also need to complete other forms for the Plan to ensure your benefits are not interrupted. For instance, the Plan Office cannot release any information about a participant or dependent unless an Authorization for Release of Health Information is signed by the participant or dependent, or the Plan receives a proper legal subpoena. The New Dependent Form is used to add new dependents to the Plan with the appropriate supporting documents as outlined on page 7. In addition, the Designation of Beneficiary Form tells the Plan who you want to receive any benefits that may be payable from the Health Plan upon your death.

It is the participant's responsibility to promptly notify the Plan Office of any changes in personal information, including change of address, addition of dependent children, marriage, divorce, name change, death of a dependent or change of beneficiary. The Plan requires documentation if you add or drop a dependent from coverage for any reason.

The Health Plan Office is separate from the SAG-AFTRA Union office. Notification of a change of address provided to SAG-AFTRA does not constitute notification to the Health Plan.