Health Summary Plan Description

Interactive Website

The Plan's interactive website,, gives you the ability to securely and conveniently manage your Screen Actors Guild – Producers Health Plan benefits online.

Using a secure password, you can view your personal account information as it appears in the Plan's records. This information includes:

  • Earnings History: Your detailed personal account pages will show your reportable earnings – sessions and residuals as reported to the Plan over the last 10 years, including earnings for future Health Plan eligibility.
  • Enroll and Pay Your Health Premium: Make enrollment changes and pay your premium online. Receive electronic enrollment and payment confirmation.
  • Family Information: Review dependent coverage and eligibility.
  • Health ID Cards: Print temporary ID cards.
  • Health Plan Information: See how much has been applied toward your deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.
  • Medical Claims: Check the status of your medical claims and view your Explanations of Benefits (EOBs).
  • Personal Information: Check your address on file and update as needed. Change your password.


You can enjoy the convenience of securely accessing information from home by signing up for e-communications. You must have a valid email address on file with the Plan Office to register. The following items are available:

  • Annual Summary of Earnings
  • EOBs
  • Health Plan SPD
  • Pension Plan SPD
  • Premium Payment Reminder
  • Take 2 Newsletter

Online Registration – Fast and Easy

To access your personal information online you need a user name and a password. To obtain these, you need to register on the Plan's secure website: Click on "REGISTER" for interactive features, and follow the simple prompts. When registration is complete, you will be assigned a user name online. Your password will be emailed to you provided the email address you enter when registering matches the email address on file at the Plan. If the email addresses do not match, your password will be mailed to you at the address on record with the Plan Office. You should receive your password in a few days.

Receiving your Health Plan information online is completely voluntary. If you do not choose to register, you do not need to do anything. The rest of the website content, which includes the complete Health Plan SPD, network provider locations, forms, past issues of the Take 2 newsletter, and more, remains accessible without registration. If you change your mind, you may register for access to your personal information at any time in the future.