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Birth of Dependent Child

The birth of a child is an event that has powerful long-term effects on your entire family. Your child will be under your direct care for almost two decades. The planning and care begin long before your child is born, as soon as you know you are expecting. Immediately after your child is born, you will be very busy with day-by-day adjustments. Soon you should consider long range concerns for the future, including savings and college financing. Parents with more than one child also have to face decisions dealing with optimizing the use of family resources to provide for your aging, changing and growing family. At this time, your benefit plans become increasingly vital to your family's wellbeing.

Plan Checklist

  • You must complete a new New Dependent Form and include proof of the birth of your new dependent. This must be sent to the Plan Office within 30 days of the birth in order to ensure Health Plan coverage. Valid proof is an officially recorded copy of the birth certificate.
  • You should review your designations of beneficiary on both the Pension and Health Plans. You may wish to change your designations to reflect the changes in your household. Your beneficiary choices are recorded on the Designation of Beneficiary for Life Insurance Form.
  • Review the well child benefits available from the Health Plan. Click here to view the relevant section of the plan summary.
  • If you take parental or family leave, your benefit rights may (to a certain extent) be protected by provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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