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Adoption/Guardianship of Dependent Child

Taking responsibility for a child is an important decision in one's life. As the legal adoptive parent, you become the primary person responsible for the child's needs and progress in life. Not only must you consider the child in this process, but you must also consider yourself, other family members, and the family environment.

Plan Checklist

  • Legally adopted children, foster children and children who live in your home and for whom you or your legal spouse are the legal guardian are covered by the Health Plan in the same way as natural children. You must complete a new New Dependent Form and provide a copy of the legal adoption, foster or guardianship papers to the Plan Office. The Plan may also require proof that you provide at least half the child's support. This must be done within 30 days of the arrangement in order to ensure Health Plan coverage.
  • You should review your designations of beneficiary on both the Pension and Health Plans. You may wish to change your designations to reflect the changes in your household. Your beneficiary choices are recorded on the Designation of Beneficiary for Life Insurance Form.
  • Review the well child benefits available from the Health Plan. Click here to view the relevant section of the plan summary.
  • If you take parental or family leave, your benefit rights may (to a certain extent) be protected by provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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