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Domestic Partnership Dissolved

The dissolution of a domestic partnership can pose an emotional hardship in your life similar to a divorce or separation. Although a domestic partnership is not as legally complex as a divorce, you should still be aware of certain important issues. First, if any legal documents were drawn up that pertain to both of you, these must be addressed or altered. For instance, if you had named your domestic partner as your beneficiary, you may wish to change that at this time.

Plan Checklist

  • Your former same sex domestic partner will remain covered under your Health Fund coverage until the last day of the month in which your relationship terminated. Please provide a written notice to the Administrative Office within ten days of the termination of your relationship. A delay in timely notification may make you liable for any health claims paid by the Fund for services rendered after your same sex domestic partner ceased to be eligible. Be sure to include the exact date of the termination of the relationship. Your former same sex domestic partner does not have his/her own individual rights to COBRA Continuation Coverage.
  • If your same sex domestic partner is the only dependent on your Health Fund coverage, you may discontinue paying the quarterly Dependent Premium.
  • You may want to review your beneficiary designation with the Health Fund and the Pension Plan and make any changes you deem appropriate. If you do not fill out a new beneficiary designation with either the Health Fund or Pension Plan, any life insurance or Pre-Retirement Death Benefit that may be due will be paid to the beneficiary listed on the most recent designation, which may be your former same sex domestic partner. If you would like to change your beneficiary designation for your life insurance, you must complete a Health Fund Life Insurance Beneficiary Card. If you would like to change your beneficiary designation for the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit under the Pension Plan, please complete a Pension Plan Designation of Beneficiary Form. Changing your beneficiary for the Health Fund does not change your beneficiary for the Pension Plan and vice versa. Please see Forms referenced on this page.
  • Please note that a same sex domestic partner cannot receive part of a Participant's Pension Plan benefits pursuant to a domestic relations order.

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