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Disability - Permanent

Becoming permanently disabled is a major life change that brings new factors for consideration. Resources are available to help you find medical and rehabilitation assistance that suits your needs and your budget, including covered medical services that may apply to your situation. Additionally, if you have a spouse, it may be helpful to find out if any benefits are available to you through his/her plan.

Plan Checklist

  • For information on Non-Occupational Disability Pension, Occupational Disability Pension, and the Terminal Illness benefit under the Pension Plan, view the Disability Pensions BenefitTab.
  • For information on how your disability affects your benefits under the Health Plan, view the section of the SPD on the Disability Extension.
  • For information on the various Assistance Organizations available to you, click here.

Also Consider...

External Links

  • National Organization on Disability

    Promotes full and equal participation of America's 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.

  • AAPD

    A cross-disability site with numerous resources and free membership available. Home of the Enable magazine.

  • disAbility Online

    Maintained by the US Department of Labor Disability Employment Initiatives Unit of the Employment and Training Administration. Provides information on employment resources and services available to individuals with disabilities.

  • MossRehab Resource Net

    Information and resources for the disabled.