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The good news about retirement is that advances in science, technology, and living standards have led to longer life expectancies. This means that you can expect longer retirement years than previous estimates indicated. This allows for more time with family and friends and time to achieve those lifelong aspirations.

You should remember to include your family in your planning. It is important that they know your wishes, especially in regard to topics such as long-term care. They will also be a great resource for further information and, more important, of support.

By planning, you may avoid some of the pitfalls that many retirees of today face, and you will have a greater probability of a comfortable retirement.

Plan Checklist

  • On this site you can visit the BenefitTabs, the Online Summary Plan Booklet, or even the complete Plan Rules and Regulations to gain comprehensive knowledge of your pension benefits. In gaining a basic familiarity with your pension benefits early on you will establish a firm ground upon which you may conduct your future planning.
  • If you have not already begun drawing retirement benefits, you may do so at age 65, even if you continue to work. This is because age 65 is the Plan's "Normal Retirement Age". Click here to learn more.
  • You should also review the discussion in the Online Summary Plan Booklet regarding Eligibility and Benefits under the Retiree Health Plan. (Note also that, unlike the Pension Plan, no vesting of benefits is granted under the Retiree Health Plan.)
  • Also of interest to retirees is how Medicare affects your health benefits. You must be sure to enroll in advance for Medicare Part B PRIOR TO YOUR 65th BIRTHDAY; click here to read about how enrollment affects your benefits. In addition you should review the coordination of benefits rules.

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