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Beginning Employment in the Industry

Having to deal with talent agents, casting agencies, auditions, and rehearsals while focusing on your job as an actor can require considerable juggling. In addition, you will want to learn about the rights and privileges afforded to you under your benefits plans. In learning about your plans early on, you can maximize the use of your benefits, and devote more of your time and energy to your career. Included on this page are benefits issues as well as websites that might be of particular use in assisting you to progress in your career.

Plan Checklist

  • Before you can receive any benefits from the Health or Pension Plans, you must complete a Performer Information Form.
  • To understand the Health and Pension Plans, you should start with the BenefitTabs which are concise summaries of the benefits programs. From the BenefitTabs you will be able to link to the Plan Booklet for additional detail. Buttons on the menu to the left will take you to the BenefitTabs for both Pension and Health benefit programs.
  • You may want to browse through the Frequently Asked Questions for Health and Pension. They just might have the answers to the questions foremost in your mind.

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External Links


    The web page of the labor organization which represents the participants in the Pension and Health Plans. SAG-AFTRA negotiates the bargaining agreements under which contributions are made to your benefit plans. If you change address, you must notify both SAG-AFTRA and the Plan Office, as the health/pension plans are operationally separate from the union.