Introducing the New Message Center

The Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension and Health Plans are proud to be at the forefront of efforts to implement internet best practices in order to improve participants' safe, secure access and overall online experience. As we roll out our changes, and continually improve safety with our website enhancements, we wanted to alert you to changes you may experience on the site.

Starting April 2nd, participants can use our website to send and receive messages directly to the Plans' Participant Services Department (PSD). Since the website is secure, any private communications related to your personal health and/or pension benefits can be safely sent and received.

In addition, the E-communications tab has been renamed Message Center. Essentially we are integrating additional security into our current e-communications, which will serve to umbrella all electronic communications between the Plans and the participants under the new Message Center tab.

Technology continues to accelerate the way we live and the world we do business in. We recognize that there may be concerns involved with improvements and we are always here to answer any of your questions.