Nationwide Health Insurance Resource Guide

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The Actors' Fund of America:
Los Angeles: (323) 933-9244
New York: (212) 221-7300 or (800) 221-7303
Chicago: (312) 372-0989

The Actors' Fund Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center is located in the Actors' Fund National Headquarters in New York. This center provides information on health insurance options and can assist with enrollment. Their toll-free number is (800) 798-8447.

Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic in New York: (212) 489-1939 Located in The Actor' Fund Aurora Residence.

The Actors' Fund Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Enrollment Center at the New York Office has enrollment forms for private and government-subsidized plans, cost and quality comparisons for association and self-employed person's group policies, benefit schedules, provider directories and a health insurance counselor on site. Call (212) 221-7300 x165 for more information.

Screen Actors Guild Membership Assistance:
Los Angeles: (323) 549-6773
Fax: (323) 549-6710
Located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600

Motion Picture & Television Fund:

Los Angeles: (323) 634-3888, MESSAGES ONLY.

The Motion Picture & Television Fund, supported by a grant from UniHealth Foundation, has created a new program that provides counseling and temporary assistance with insurance premiums. Those who have worked in the Southern California motion picture and television industry for a minimum of 3 "eligible years" out of the last 5 years may qualify. For information and eligibility requirements on the Health Insurance Premium Support Program, call (818) 876-1265, MESSAGES ONLY.

The Industry Advantage Health Plans:
(see: "Healthcare", then "MPTF Health Plans")
Los Angeles: (888) 558-4247.

The Industry Advantage Health Plans offer a range of health care options to provide quality, affordable health care exclusively to members of the entertainment community. Depending on your health care needs and current health coverage, you can choose the following insurance products:

The Industry Advantage Blue/Blue Cross HMO – California Care is an industry exclusive HMO option available through industry employers and unions/guilds.

The Industry Advantage Individual Plans are self-paid individual commercial HMO and PPO plans for industry members who have lost or are ineligible for group health plan benefits through their union/guild or employer.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation Emergency Financial Assistance:
(818) 954-9400 or (800) 777-4013

Federal/State Health Insurance Programs

Joint Federal-State Medicaid programs offer health insurance programs for certain individuals, including children, the aged, disabled people and those eligible to receive federally assisted income maintenance payments. For more information, contact the Medicaid Office in your state. The telephone number can be found in the Government Pages of your Telephone Directory or obtained from Directory Assistance, the Plan Office or via the following website:

Children under age 19 not eligible for Medicaid may be eligible for free or low-cost insurance through ‘Insure Kids Now'. The nationwide toll-free number for information on your state's guidelines is (877) 543-7669. The nationwide toll-free telephone number for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, of which both Medicaid and ‘Insure Kids Now' are a part is (877) 696-6775, or visit their Web site:

New York and California Programs



NYS Continuation Assistance Program
(800) 342-3736 (NY residents only)

(800) 952-5294

Family Health Plus
(877) 934-7587

Care H.I.P.P.**
(800) 367-2437

Child Health Plus
(800) 698-4543

Healthy Families
(800) 880-5305
(800) 952-5294

Healthy New York
(866) 432-5849

The Industry Advantage Health Plans

*These California Department of Health Services organizations provide supplementary benefits to Medi-Cal, including the payment of insurance.
**Must be contacted by a private benefits counselor/advisor. No direct individual appointments.

Private Insurance

The Health Plan is pleased to provide the following information and links to assist you in finding private insurance coverage when your Health Plan coverage ends. Please be aware that the Health Plan does not monitor these Web sites and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any information that may be contained in or omitted from them. In addition, by listing these sites, the Health Plan is in no way endorsing, recommending or otherwise promoting the benefit programs of these companies.

Telephone numbers and Internet links to companies that provide health insurance quotes:

eHealthInsurance (800) 977-8860
InsureMe (800) 467-8736
QuickQuote (800) 867-2404

Telephone numbers and Internet links to Health Plans (offering individual plans) in the more heavily participant-populated states:







Blue Cross / Blue Shield

(800) 660-3007

(800) 261-5962

(800) 964-6371

(800) 654-7385

(800) 531-4456

HIP Health Plan/Emblem Health


(800) 447-8255




Aetna U.S. Healthcare / Prudential


NY: (800) 435-8742
NJ: (800) 624-3326




!!! IMPORTANT !!!: Be sure to keep a copy of the Health Insurance Certificate mailed to you by the Plan when your coverage ends. Your potential insurer may need a copy in order to consider your application for coverage. If more than 63 days elapse between the date your SAG - Producers Health Plan coverage ends and the date you enroll in another health plan, medical conditions that you or your dependents have may be excluded from coverage as a pre-existing condition by your new plan.

Financial and other assistance information can be obtained by calling your local Guild Office.