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  • See the Winter 2016 Take 2 Newsletter

    The Winter Take 2 newsletter is now available and includes important information about your pension and health benefits.
  • Non-discrimination notice

    The Plan complies with applicable federal civil rights laws.
  • The Industry Health Network: New Simi Valley Clinic

    Beginning September 1, 2016, SAG-Producers Health Plan participants can visit the newest UCLA/MPTF Health Center in Simi Valley. This latest addition to The Industry Health Network features full-time, board certified physicians providing comprehensive primary and specialty care services for adults and children of all ages. Please that UCLA Health's Simi Valley location is not exclusive to entertainment industry members.
  • See the Special Merger Edition Take 2 Newsletter

    The Trustees of the SAG-Producers Health Plan (SAG Plan) and the Trustees of the AFTRA Health Plan (AFTRA Plan) are pleased to announce that they have agreed on a merged health plan that combines elements of the existing SAG and AFTRA Plans.
  • An Important Announcement from the SAG Health Fund Trustees

    The Trustees of the AFTRA Health Fund and SAG Health Fund have voted to merge the two Funds effective January 1, 2017.
  • See the Spring 2016 Take 2 Newsletter

    In This Issue:
    - Getting the Most Out of Your Health Plan Benefits
    - Important Changes to the Same-Sex Domestic Partner Program
    - Network vs. Non-Network Provider
    - Increased Premiums for Senior Performers
    - Tips To Lower Your Costs
    - Anthem Offers Identity Protection To All Health Plan Participants
    - Working After You've Taken Your Pension
    - Use Direct Deposit For Your Pension
    - Frequently Asked Questions

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