Self-Pay Program

When you lose Earned Eligibility, you and your qualified dependents may continue Health Plan coverage by enrolling in the Self-Pay Program. The length of time you are allowed to self-pay depends on several factors, including which "qualifying event" caused the loss of Earned Eligibility and how many years of previous Earned Eligibility you have in the Health Plan. A same-sex domestic partner and his or her children may only enroll in the Self-Pay Program if the participant enrolls. Self-Pay premium rates are determined in accordance with federal COBRA law and may change once a year, or more frequently if significant Plan changes occur.

General Information

  • Self-Pay Tier FAQs – Frequently asked questions about the Self-Pay tier structure, effective January 1, 2012.
  • Self-Pay Payment Options – This chart gives an overview of each of the options available for self-pay.
  • Auto Debit Application – Your premium is automatically deducted on a recurring basis from a U.S. checking or savings account. If you are covered under the Self-Pay, Senior Performer or Extended Spousal plan, your payments will be deducted monthly on the 25th of the month prior to the due date. If you have Earned plan coverage, your premiums will be deducted quarterly on the 25th of the month prior to each quarter. Start using Auto Debit by registering online or providing the Health Plan with a signed hard copy.

Financial Assistance Organizations

  • Care H.I.P.P. – The Office of AIDS has lead responsibility for coordinating state programs, services, and activities relating to HIV/AIDS.
  • H.I.P.P. – These CA Dept of Health Services organizations provide supplementary benefits to MediCal, including the payment of insurance premiums.
  • Motion Picture & Television Fund Social and Charitable Services – The Motion Picture & Television Fund is a key resource, exclusively for you as a member of SAG.
  • Screen Actors Guild Emergency Foundation – The SAG Foundation makes it a priority to help Guild members in need. The Emergency Assistance program, the Self-Pay Premium program, and the Catastrophic Health Fund assist eligible members facing challenging circumstances.
  • Screen Actors Guild Grant Program – The mission of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is to enhance the lives of actors by investing in programs which help them in their professional endeavors and the communities in which they live.
  • The Actors' Fund of America – The Actors Fund is a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment. The Fund is a safety net, providing programs and services for those who are in need, crisis or transition.
  • New York State COBRA Assistance Program Application – Complete this application to apply for the NY COBRA Assistance Program, which will assist eligible entertainment industry employees with the payment of their COBRA continuation insurance premiums.

2016 Self-Pay Information and Forms