Reminder: Self-Pay transitions to tiered premium structure effective January 1, 2012.

All current self-pay participants must re-enroll.

Enrollment Forms (if you are not registered)

Recently the Health Plan moved to a tiered premium structure for participants with earned eligibility. This is the same structure used by other entertainment industry plans and the health insurance industry in general. Accordingly, the 2012 self-pay premiums were calculated in a similar manner.

Even with the new premium structure, the Self-Pay Program is anticipated to run nearly a $10 million deficit every year. However, the tiered structure is more equitable because it bases premiums on the number of dependents participants choose to cover. Under the previous structure, everyone was charged one rate regardless of whether they had zero dependents or four dependents. This was obviously less fair for single participants and favored individuals with multiple dependents.

Although the Plan's new self-pay premiums are lower than those in other entertainment industry health plans, we understand the significant financial impact of this rate change, particularly for participants with dependents. You may be able to find less expensive coverage elsewhere.

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